About Us

Our Vision:

ASQC is a not-for-profit organisation with the objectives of:

  • Sharing the enjoyment of patchwork, piecing and quilting.
  • Promoting and exchanging ideas among those interested in or engaged in the quilting process.
  • Sharing and demonstrating methods and techniques of creative quilting and inspiring personal achievements.
  • To work in harmony with other organisations.

Our History 

In 1981 Kaye Reust and Constance Price, two American quilt makers, decided to see how many others shared their love and knowledge of patchwork. The first meeting of patchwork and quilting enthusiasts took place at the Community College (now the Centralian Senior Secondary High School) in March 1981. Eight women (Kaye Reust, Constance Price, Diane Ahlport, Celine Dickson, Lia Hoffmann, Minna Sitzler, Valerie Parker and Sharon Bibb) attended this meeting and formed the Alice Springs Quilting Club (ASQC). Regular meetings continued in the Alice Springs Town Library.

In July 1981 the first quilts were entered into the Alice Springs Show, and in December.

1981 the first exhibition of quilts was displayed in the town library meeting room, a small display by enthusiastic members. Since then it has become an annual and popular event. The final exhibition held  at the town library was in December 1983 when 23 members, the majority beginner quilters, contributed 61 items to the Quilting Exhibition.

From 1984, the monthly meetings were held at OLSH (Bath St) Resource Centre, and in 1993 the meetings moved to the Alice Springs Masonic Lodge Hall. The Araluen Arts Centre opened in 1984 and the ASQC annual exhibition was held in one of their galleries and has been held there ever since.

Over the years, the membership of the club has grown, reaching 82 members in 1999.

The style and techniques of quilting have been changing over the years. The focus of the first quilts was on traditional hand quilting. Later it shifted to the more modern designs, which combine traditional patterns with newer quilting techniques.

Present members have utilised new technologies like computerised pattern designs, computerised sewing machines and commercial quilting machines.

Club workshops are held regularly for members to share their knowledge and expertise. Notable visiting experts have also held workshops for the Club.

In 2000 the ASQC formed an ad hoc committee, under the leadership of Julie Heller (a club member of long standing) to record the club history from inception to present.  Since that time the task of maintaining the club’s history has been a duty of the Publicity Officer.

Our Committee Members (2022)

President                 Sharon Everett           

Vice President        Cathy Bridges            

Secretary                 Fay Saint                 

Treasurer                Julie Ross                

Newsletter             Heike Billstein           

Workshops             Diane Ray

Exhibition Coordinator  Barbara McIlvain

Librarian                  Phyllis Aslaindes           

QA/Appraisal           Leone Jones

Publicity Officer       Heike Billstein

Public Officer           Fay Saint                

Our Supporters

Alice Springs Quilting Club would like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations for their ongoing support.

Aboriginal Fabric Gallery                               Yubu Napa Gallery                                           Alice Springs Town Council

Yeperenye Shopping Centre                          Bendigo Bank